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Artist: Fable
Title: Get The "L" Outta Here!
Style: Hard Rock
Label Reviver Record A Division of RecordPlex Production
Released: 2005 - Recorded on 1975 in Canada
Format: 2 x LP (53':19")
Catalog No: RR 102
Note: Limited to 50 copies Promo On RED Vinyl
Note: 3 Sided Disc, 4th Side Is Blank
Note: Include one page (Double Sided) insert info and pictures

           TIME    TRACK LIST

   [04:45]    01. Intro (late again)
   [03:27]    02. Kacheena
   [02:47]    03. Why Is It Me?
   [05:50]    04. We'll Find A Way
   [05:31]    05. Hear Me Calling
   [03:04]    06. Without Asking
   [05:31]    07. Lady Of The Night
   [00:41]    08. Believe In Me
   [05:46]    09. A Cue Stick
   [04:48]    10. Battle Of The Kneon Knights
   [03:40]    11. And This Day
   [02:53]    12. The Tramp
   [00:24]    13. No Way Out
   [04:07]    14. Kacheena (again - alternate radio edit)


  FABLE BAND Biography:

  The rock band FABLE was formed by individuals coming from such separate regions
  of Canada as Victoria and Toronto.
  FABLE immediately found itself attracted to the "play it loud soundtrack"
  that accompanies peoples' lives who tend to live and die by this score.
  Screeching wah-wah guitars, thumping drums and throbbing bass notes became
   the driving force behind this Canadian power trio.

  Also, yielding to their audiences' requests for a recording, FABLE went into the studio
  and created a musical response for their adoring fans.

  Thus, the album Get the "L" outta here! was born on LP and CD. The title of the album reflects .
  the indirect encouragement that FABLE received from club owners, booking agents and even
  family members.

  FABLE's Get the "L" outta here! represents a brilliant effort by the band and the album is dedicated
  to all those music lovers who appreciate and enjoy that 70's Canadian primeval Rock sound.
  Previous to Fable, however, there existed a group called HELL HOUND
  Following the latest stage of FABLE's musical history, TASK FORCE came into being.
  Throughout these three bands, two musicians remained the core force:
  Glen Politano and Gary Anderson.

  From: The official FABLE website

© Copyright  @  2005 - RecordPlex Productions

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