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Artist: Bob Theil
Title: So Far + Bonus* ANOTHER FLIGHT
Style: Psych folk
Label RecordPlex Production
Released: 2004 - Recorded during 1981-1982
Format: 1 CD (60':22")
Catalog No: RP 101
Note: Include 12 page booklet with lyrics, info and pictures
Price: $15.00

           TIME    TRACK LIST

   [06:01]    01. Yesterdays
   [03:41]    02. Lady
   [03:56]    03. One Day, Today Or Tomorrow
   [02:54]    04. Moments Lost
   [05:58]    05. So Far
   [00:59]    06. Westway
   [03:35]    07. Reflections
   [04:11]    08. Wind In The Wires
   [05:28]    09. Who Are We Now
   [08:42]    10. December
   Bonus Tracks* From ANOTHER FLIGHT EP
   [03:26]    11. Post Mortem Blues* (EP Version)
   [02:53]    12. Moments Lost* (EP Version)
   [03:18]    13. Reflections* (EP Version)
   [04:12]    14. Another Flight* (EP Version)
   [01.02]    15. Westway* (EP Version)


  Bob Theil Biography:

  Bob Theil is a Scottish born singer-songwriter and guitarist, steeped in the tradition
  of the great acoustic troubadours from the UK scene circa 1965 and onwards.

  His songs and music recall what for many is considereda halcyon period when the likes of
  Roy Harper, Bert Jansch, Michael Chapman, Richard Thompson and Al Stewart to name
  a few, were plying their trade in the; UK clubs and college circuit.

  His voice, writing and guitar playing are an eclectic mix of folk and rock influences.

  Other obvious influences at the time were Bob Dylan, Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell,
  Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake as well as a mix of artists such as Jethro Tull,
  Rory Gallagher, Led Zeppelin, Genesis.

  The use of mainly 12 string acoustic/electric guitar in his unique picking (finger and plectrum)
  style lends itself perfectly to songs that are an evocative mixture of Celtic atmosphere on the
  one hand, to at other times an acoustic rock sound that has been likened to Pink Floyd.

  In a way, this comparison is understandable given the Gilmouresque
  electric leads featured on a few tracks on his debut LP "So Far" (1982).

  From: The official Bob Theil website

© Copyright  @  2005 - RecordPlex Productions

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